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Thread: How do I make copies of a DVD??

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    Question How do I make copies of a DVD??


    I have the same posting in the Premiere Elements file looking for an answer also.

    I made a DVD using Premiere Elements 1.0. I only burned one (master) copy from Premiere Elements, straight to DVD (not to file).

    I wanted to give copies of the DVD to family members so tried to make a copy using Nero DVD copying software, but it kept stopping with a fault about 70% way through.

    I then tried copying the files on the DVD onto my C drive and then burning them back onto DVD.

    The result of the copies is that they won't play on a decent DVD player, but play on cheap players i.e. those built into portable TVs.

    Can anyone tell me how to make copies from the master DVD that will play in DVD players ???

    It's an important DVD of my son's first 12 months.

    I'm assuming Premiere Elements is adding a copyright file in somewhere that's preventing me making a copy of the disc.

    Any ideas anyone?

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    This will not be a case of elements adding any copy protection I do not think. I use Adobe Encore for my DVDs and this (arguably more advanced) s/w does not burn in any copy protection on any home-burns. There are copy protection flags that can be set but my understanding is that these are only used when your master or iso copy is duplicated by a manufacturing plant rather than home-burnt.

    OK, so what's your problem then?

    Well, I think the most likely scenario is either a bad burn, but if your master plays ok then this is not likely the case or a matter of incompatible medai for individual DVD players. It's a sad case but we have still not gone past the point where all DVD-Rs will actually play in all machines. You would need to find a compatible media list for individual players and use that media for that player. A nuisance maybe but it is a fact of life.

    I would generally recommend that you build a disk image of yoru DVD on your hard drive somewhere and then burn from that. In this way you can test your DVD with s/w players before you waste disks burning somethign with errors in it. Also, you have a hard drive copy for duplication purposes as well.

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    Thanks for your reply. When you say "build a disk image" do you mean drag and drop the files using Windows Explorer for example, or is it something more complicated?

    If it's explorer, I have tried this. The master disk boots up fine on my Pioneer DVD player (i.e. the menu comes up) but the copy disks created from the dragged and dropped files don't do anything.

    How do I create a disk image then?



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