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Thread: more than 2 hrs on a dvd+r

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    i am fairly new to video editing. i have a ton of vcr tapes that i want to convert to dvd. i have some superbowls on vhs in particular. i bought the plextor mx 402u video encoder and it came with intervideo windvd creator. i use this because i didn't have to pay for it. it only lets me record up to 2 hrs of video regardless of how much space it takes up on the dvd+r. for example: i have one event that will need approximately 2hours and 40 minutes. Even though it only uses 2/3 of the disc it still only lets me burn 2 hours. is there a reason why this software is free or is it just me.

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    What makes you say it only takes up 2/3rds of the disc?

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    when i go to burn the movie or event it shows you a graph of how much space it will take up on the disc.


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