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    I'm using a new Panasonic NV-GS180 and when I import the video through FireWire using Windows Movie Maker or Sony Vegas Video, i get wierd distortion effects on the video. It's like every object that moves gets divided into visible scanlines. And only when something moves.

    If encode the video to wmv (all Iäve tried so far) it gets a little lower quality but the scanlines disappear. Also if I export the frames of teh video I can see the scanlines perfectly and and images are all distorted.

    Obvisouly it can't have anything to do with the camera because when I connect it to the TV and play something from the tape it has perfect quality.

    Anyone that could help me and havy any clues what I'm doing wrong?

    Really appreciate any help.

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    Have a look at the faqs at

    Probably question 1 is whats happening

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