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Thread: Choppy video after burning DVD

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    Default Choppy video after burning DVD

    I have a movie in mpeg-2 format that plays fine as a file on my PC, but when I burn it and try to view it on a TV, the video comes out choppy. Could the cause of this problem be my 16MB video card? Or is that not a factor since the video is being written to DVD instead of being displayed onscreen? My machine is decent otherwise, a P4 1600 MHz with 640MB of RAM.

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    What DVD Authoring program did you use? What bit rate was the video and audio encoded with?
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    I was using neodvd standard, I searched all throughout the program but couldn't find anything about bit rates. I then tried using nero vision express 3 and was able to successfully (without choppy video) burn a DVD on the "standard" quality setting, at 5073 kb/s. I'd like to set it higher if that'll give me better quality, though - what is the recommended bit rate? I have also just installed a 128MB video card, if that makes a difference.

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