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    I'm trying to capture video using my averdvd ezmaker gold card and find that whenever I try to capture video from a VCR I get a line of distorted video ("noise") on the very bottom of the screen. I've tried several different videotapes as well as another VCR but the problem remains. I've also tried using a different capture programs (have used both neo mediostream as well as open video capture) The thing is, I am able to capture video, using the same cables and the same card, from a DVD player (on the same machine as the VCR) as well as from a digital8 camcorder. I'm running a P4 1600 with 640MB RAM and a 16 MB Nvidia Vanta video card. I realize the video card is a bit skimpy, but seeing as how I'm able to capture properly from both dvd and digital8, I don't see how that could be the problem...
    Any ideas on how can I get rid of this line of noise when recording from VCR?

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    This is 'normal' and the artifacts would ordinarily be hidden by the overscan on a TV. You can either crop the picture, or alternatively leave it on for playback on a TV where it won't bee seen.

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