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    Default Frustrated with Avid

    New to editing. Starting with Avid Xpress. Getting very envious of my peers in school who wont touch anything Avid with a ten foot pole. For them, it's Final Cut all the way. Now I'm starting to understand why.

    I've used Final Cut at school and it just works, period.

    Avid has been a completely different story. The Xpress Pro system at school gives enough error messages and crashes to be extremely annoying and seriously slow down my workflow.

    I've recently installed Xpress DV on my home system and I have had NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING but trouble with it.

    Because I noticed on the Avid site that Avid seems to love Nvidia graphics cards, I just changed out a perfectly good ATI card to an Nvidia GeForce 6200 with 256mb memory. This has helped a bit in terms of overall playback smoothness but it has not solved my largest problems with Avid to date.

    1. I still get constant error messages, like "Adm.Adm.Overrun" and I get some message about samples not transferred or something.

    2. The most annoying thing is that I can capture either audio or video. NEVER the two together. If I have captured footage. I can only playback audio or video, NEVER the two together. If I try to do audio and video together, the system just does nothing or works for just a second before freezing.

    3. Avid does not give tech support for Xpress DV and the Avid Forums have been of little help.

    Is all this muss and fuss and instability typical of Avid? If all of this hardware sensitivity, and errors, and crashes are typical of Avids software, I need to know now, so I can make the switch to Final Cut before spending anymore money on Avid.

    I mean realy, I'm at my wits end with this application and I can't believe the manufacturer doesn't even care to help!
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    if you want to try and solve the problem, i would think a better idea would be to post on avid's own board. the big "problem" with avid is that they're very strict regarding the hardware and drivers you're using, so there is a great chance that the geforce you got is simply not supported by avid, or maybe some of your other components. but try and check their website. it can hopefully give you better help than most in here...

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    I've posted on the Avid forum and was insulted by the Avid Forum moderator!...

    The Avid Forum moderator had the nerve to tell me that my problems were basically my fault for bying Xpress DV!

    He basically asked me why I purchased such a crappy product when I could have purchased Xpress Pro Academic for the same price.

    If Xpress DV is junk, in accordance with Avids own statement, why do they sell it?

    I wasn't a student when I purchased DV, so I would not have qualified for academic pricing to begin with.

    I was so angered by this attitude and I let them know this, and I criticized Avid corp for their lousy, lousy, tech support. You can't even argue that it's not lousy, it's NON-EXISTENT. You can't get any worse than that.

    The moderator then told me..."go buy FCP and live happily ever after with it".

    Then the Avid moderator tells me..."you've violated Avid Forum rules by criticizing Avids tech support, therefore, I'm locking this thread". They are like dictators! You may not criticize the Avid!

    I would go to the Avid Forums if they weren't so terribly, terribly, rude. They just ooze this attitude of "you need us more than we need you"! Besides, they don't appreciate complaints on the Avid forum, ONLY flowery language praising their inferior products will do.

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    Im sorry you are having those problums. Im using the student version, im having great success with it. Well what kind of machine are u using in the fact of, cpu? ram? most inportantly, what operating system? my computer hat xp media center on it, before i bought xpress, i asked phil at videoguys what kind of machine i would be using, and i brought up i was using media center. he said you whould have multible errors, and that sounds what your having. I dont know why that is like that, i thought the two where very simular, but to be safe i installed xp pro on it. Im using the sam video card as you, great success too, i have 2 gigs of ram, and also twin amd 4600's makes the avid fly. I love it. so i hope this helps.


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    i dont use avid much - but when i have, ive had no problems at all - it is right though that avid is alot more picky on hardware than say FCP or PP... I think when using avid it's very important to look at all the specs that avid recomend on their website - and keep to them by the letter..

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