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Thread: What program for home-editing?

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    Default What program for home-editing?

    We quite new to editing movies, and we just began editing recording a movie and the we need a good editingprogram. Now we're trying to decide between Vegas and Adobe Premiere. We would truly appreciate Your advice and guidance to which program to choose and the pros and cons of each program.

    Thank you.

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    Both are great programs.

    I use vegas and can only comment on that, not much use to you really, but I find it easy to use and powerfull with a particularly good set of audio tools. I have only flirted briefly with premier and I think i took to vegas cos I used the same companies audio s ware.

    Try the free trials and see what suits but they are similarly very capable editors.

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    Also, do spend some serious time deciding exactly what you want from your editting app.

    For example (I use Adobe so my examples are Adobe), Adobe produce two editting apps. Premiere Elements and Premiere Pro. For the average home user Elements does everything required and costs (quite literally) a tenth of the cost of Pro. So do have a think about what features you actually need as it might save you some money.

    And do consider whether you are likely going to want to do more in the near future. i.e. If you're going to start compositting soon then consider saving momneuy by getting Pro and After Effect s ina bundle now. It is so much cheaper to get them together now than to pay twice as much in six months time.

    Other than that I can only re-iterate Mark's comment that your best bet is to try before you buy using demo versions.

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