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Thread: Jvc Everio

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    Default Jvc Everio

    I have just purchased a JVC Everio GZ MC505. I have managed to convert the .mod files to .mpg, but when I view video in Cyblerlink Powerdirector I have no sound. Can anyone help?

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    Are you getting sound on the video when you play it back on the camera?

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    Actually if I leave the files alone I can see and hear them on the camera as .mod files. They can also be viewed in windows media player and Cyberlink PowerCinema with sound. I just cannot import them into Cyberlink PowerDirector without first changing the file ending to mpg or mpeg as it does not recognise them if I don't and then it comes across without sound.

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    I only used one of those JVC cams for a short period so I'm not too familiar with them. Is the Cyberlink software the only software you got with it? It seems strange you have to convert to another format and end up losing the sound in the process. Try looking at the help files in Cyberlink PowerDirector to see what it says about importing problems? Can you copy files directly off the camera onto the hard disc as your camera is basically an external hard drive. If you do this try using Movie Maker to see if it will allow you to import them and hopefully the sound will be there also. I also found Intervideo WinDVD Creator on my computer and it is useful for importing 'tricky' files where other applications fail.

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    I have Everio GZ-MG 2100. Software manual was a load of rubbish especially as mine was in French and I am English. I use Magix Movie Edit Pro, but I have also figured out how to do it in supplied software. Hope this helps. I have also found that if MOD extension was changed to mpg then there is no sound in Power Director. Changing MOD to mpg works in most other programs.
    Using Power Director:
    1. Copy MOD file from camera to chosen directory on Hard drive.
    2. Import MOD file - File, Import Media files. (MOD not listed in files of type drop down box but just chose file anyway)
    3. Edit project then save project as pds file.
    4. You can then either produce movie in Power Director by chosing following:
    Disk if required to play in DVD.
    File mpeg2 if need to open in other authoring program
    Streaming if needed for Internet
    Everio if need to play back on Camera (MOD)
    Open saved project in Cyberlink Producer.
    At start up screen select disk format (I chose SVCD & CDRW but your choice might be different)
    At next screen Import Video files.
    Chose previously saved *.pds file.
    Edit SVCD structure as required, then at next screen chose burn options.
    Hope this helps. I have Power Director NE Express 3.20.2225 PDX-DVD and have no problem with sound doing it this way.
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    Many thanks for your detailed reply.

    I almost gave up on trying to resolve the software issue and nearly sent the camera back. However, then I came across a blog about the camera and how Adobe Premier Elements would work out the box and would recognise the .mod files. You should try it out. There is a free download on the Adobe website. Its a trial for 30 days and it worked immediately. It took almost 12 hours to download, but I just left the computer on overnight. I eventually bought Adobe Premier Elements 3 with Photoshop Elements 5 bundle from Amazon and I have not looked back. I am able to make films extremely easily and post them on the web, view them on the tv and burn them to DVD.

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    Default I'm also in need Of help

    I have the jvc gz-mg 505,at first I couldn't get the video off the camera, then It worked a few times.then the software the power director experss ne just quit loading, no error messages or anything. I've unistalled and reinstalled it 10 times, tryed all the patches, but I'm not getting anywhere, and my funds are on empty. Are there any shareware that changes mod to avi, I have a lot of software but none that reads those mod files, or maybe someone knows whats conflicting with that software. all I no at this Point I hate mod files

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    I think there is no joy in trying to get free software, you just spend too much time messing about and not getting the results you desire. I would recommend saving your pennies for Adobe Premier.

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    To jbreezin, what is the spec of your computer and is it a desktop model or laptop? What other software are you running when doing video capture and when was the last time you defragmented your hard disk?

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    Default computer specs

    computer spec,

    dell laptop"Inspiron" core 2 duo T7400 pross, os windows xp media, 2 gigs ram, nivida GeForce 7900 G somthing 256 onbored ram,creative sound blaster,100 gig hard drive 7200 speed

    video Software

    adobe premier pro 2, serious magic ultra 2, ulead studio 9, are my tools of choice, I have cyberlink director express ne, But I wont boot, I have pinnacle 10.5 sony vegas, but I dont care for the last 3

    the cyberlink director express ne worked well once,but that was it

    It's not that I wouldnt but new software I just cant aford to, right now, and can't change my video clips to a workable format

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