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Thread: Need some title help / nuclear footage

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    Default Need some title help / nuclear footage


    I am creating a music video an would like to add titles. Adding titles is not my problem - arranging them so they look professional is the goal. The music video will be filled with facts while archival footage is playing. I can not add a voice over since it is a music video. I want to try ang go for a 24 type look - you know all the floating video boxes, etc. When I add titles, it just looks wrong - either I need a guide for video placement or something. I will have 2 or 3- 320x240 videos playing together. I need to add text either on top or next to the video. I do not want to overlay over the actually video screens. My video size is 720 x 480 - so i have room to play

    Any help on what size font to use and placement would be greatly apreciated. I will be using Live Type and FCP

    Also if any know of a good place to download nuclear test footage as well as 50's / WWII footage? I have already scoured google and I am sure the Govt has soom good footage - just cant find


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    I can tell you where you can get nuclear test footage for sure, look in the prelinger archive (google it) and there is some great footage there.

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    Make the titles in photoshop? If you give me a rough Idea I could maybe have ago?

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    Mark - sorry for the name error - Thanks for the link. I found before and cleaned them out already. I did find some new footage on the link you sent - Thanks Sean

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    Luke - Perhaps I could encode a sample of what I have and post - You will see what I mean about title placement. I thought about using PS - I am using Live Type - seems to work well.

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