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Thread: DVD from 8mm Camcorder - Poor Quality

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    Default DVD from 8mm Camcorder - Poor Quality

    Thanks to your help, I've now Captured my 8mm Camcorder footage and edited it using Moviemaker2. I've burnt it to DVD using Ulead Movie Factory.

    My question is why is the quality so poor? I don't expect a dvd to enhance the quality but I'd expect it to be at least as good as playing it directly to the TV via the camcorder. It looks particulalry bad on a plasma screen.

    If its going to be that poor should I bother using the highest quality setting (mpeg2)? This took absolutely ages to create even on a high spec pc.

    Should I just use the VCD setting for my 8mm footage?

    Or is there a way I can improve on the quality?

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    Please, but can you explain me?

    Your footage video was provided by a Hi8 or a 8mm camera?

    If it was a Hi8, it would noy be normal, because Hi8 has so much resolution lines, but if it was 8mm, there are so many reasons to cry - Garbage In, Garbage Out...

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    it also is probably because you editied it in movie maker 8. i editing an 8mm video in premeir pro and when it got to the DVD it looked pretty good. its all about the encoding to MPEG too... it could be about the DVD burner program
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