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Thread: 2 PC (or more) to speed up rendering time

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    Question 2 PC (or more) to speed up rendering time

    I have found with general testing that Adobe Premiere Elements can take 1 hour of video to take 4 hours of render time approximately.

    PC - 512 MB, AMD 64 Turion, 80 GB HD, 500 GB USB drive.

    I will visit other HW recommendations for optimum cpu, hd, etc.

    Main Q: Is there a way to speed or reduce up rendering time by dividing a one hour video for 2 pc's to render? or some other technique, such as networking pc's into a cluster for combining cpu power?

    Other Q: Otherwise it seems that a dual core or quad core cpu might help with optimized software - which would be what?

    Thank you very much.

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    Most editors will make full use of extra cores when rendering, check with manufactuer of s ware.

    Some editors have a network render function, vegas can for sure, but i havent used it.

    Or you can split the project maually to render in parts on a few pcs.

    To be sure the current trend to multiple cores will be of great benefit to use video types. Roll on I say.

    It is also looking like editors 'may' soon make use of the abilities of gpus, these are really fast, like 50 times faster on specific maths tasks. That would really be cool if it happens....

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    I found that 64 Bit single cores do take some time for rendering, Dual core processor can save you more than 40% in time.

    While your processor may be one issue, the other would the the RAM, 512MB is a minimum requirement, If you add memory to your laptop you may find that you get a little bit or a quicker responce.

    The IDE harddrives on a laptop are slow, they are normally 5400 RPM and therefore slower than a desktop 7200 RPM. You can buy faster drives and it is generally considered that the performance gain is around 50%.

    There are also some laptops with SATA harddrive connections.

    To answer the other question, as mark has said, alot of pro software is designed for dual processor /dual core and maks better use of the processors.
    You would be better off comming of the laptop and on to a desktop to save some time. I say you have a laptop as you posted that you have a AMD 64 Turion, this is a laptops processor and not a desktop.
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