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    So Iím not sure if this is the right place to advertise for this, but here goes. I am a freelance Edit Assistant working for Channel4, with spare time on my hands every now and then and am looking to write, direct and a produce a short film to enter into competitions.

    I am looking for someone to work with who is likeminded, and full of creativity and such and such. I have never written or directed before, but have edited a few things. So if you think you are in the same kind of situation, or fancy working a short film, then get in touch.

    Im hoping to make gritty, quite dark short, not sure of the subject yet, but something that you are hooked to immediatly, whether it be a situation or a
    character. I love smaller Indie films like Brick, Tzameti, Mysterious Skin and hoping to create something along these lines. Although a comedy would be nice to make, something along the lines of Curb your Enthusiasm, Office, Coen Brothers type of stuff, but i think unless it is perfect it is probably too difficult. Although channel4 are looking for entries for next years Comedy Lab if you were up for a challenge?

    Obviously I cannot pay you for any of the work, as I am hoping you are doing it for yourself too, and when we make our millions we will not care.

    Anways if anyone wants to chat then get in touch


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    Quote Originally Posted by Maccy18 View Post


    Respectfully, a request like this coming from a forum newcomer with the wording you have used sounds awfully like "do loads of work for me for free while I take all the credit". It reads suspiciously like there's nothin in it for us other than the fun of taking part - which for me, is not enough.

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    yeah i agree... this really does not sound like anything i would want to get involved with.... i am also wanting to do some film sorts for entering into fasts.

    it sounds as thought you have got a little experience from your job at C4 and need some one with some equipment

    where are you based?

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    well i am based in london, i have my own camera and use of the editing facilities at the channel4 site, and have 3 years experience as an edit assistant and editor

    i do say that i am a newbie to all this, and just looking for someone who is also starting out

    thats all guys

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    Wish you good luck with your quest Maccy. If I was nearer, I would actually have been quite interested. I had assumed in was London with the C4 reference. Isn't there anyone else you work with that would be interested?

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    Thanks Turn Media

    have asked around and most guys here want to stick to the editing side of things, rather than try see a project through.

    we will see what happens from this, i hold out hope that maybe there is someone out there in the same situation

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