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Thread: A Taste of Shaan - Chef promo video

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    Default A Taste of Shaan - Chef promo video

    This is a 11 min promo I did earlier this year for a Indian Chef called Shaan who is head chef at the Rajput in Harrogate.

    He wanted a video to send to marketing agencies about himself and his cooking. Shaan wants to push Indian cooking more mainstream with an eye of appearing on TV. I created this promo for him. Do you think it works as presenting him as a possible tv chef? Does it come across that his cooking style is unique Indian and not box standard. Any opinions, crits on the technical or content would be great. Thanks.

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    Hi Alex

    Please accept my comments as the public eye , I have very little skill as a filmmaker as yet.

    As a documentary into the workings of an indian restaurant I think you did a good job. The filming and overall presentation was fine and I am sure your client was happy with the results.

    As a promotional video for marketing agencies I was unconvinced with Shaans presentation of himself.

    I suppose the question is, how much responsibility should the filmmaker take on regarding creating the final sales pitch.

    I know casual is very much in for "Celebrity Chefs" but the kitchen and surroundings and Shaans own presentation looked a bit sloppy for TV, He is obviously very keen about what he does, but is he passionate, it failed to come across in the film.

    But as I said, I'm no expert. The filming, lighting, sound was good.

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