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Thread: Sony TRV-22E grey bars in playback

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    Unhappy Sony TRV-22E grey bars in playback

    The camera has developed a fault in playback where there are grey bars at regular intervals horizontally across the picture in play-back. These were not there when I checked what I had recorded at the time. They are present when I download to the PC. The playback is in SP mode. They are not present on the low quality video on the Sony Memory stick.
    I am not very expert. I put a different tape in today and the first video snippet I took did not replay at all, so I tried another bit of video and went to replay and it showed me the first snippet, still with grey bars.
    Is it broken or am I being stupid?

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    I have a 33E at home and the neasrest I've seen to this was green bars.

    The solution was to run a tape head cleaner through it a couple of times. Worth a try.

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    Yep I had the same problem with my panasonic and like Alan the problem was resolved with a tape head cleaner.

    Hope you get it going

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