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Thread: Which Camera is best?

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    Default Which Camera is best?

    Hi Guys,

    Im sure you have this question a lot, but looking through the posts im still struggling to find a camera to buy

    Basically im looking to make my own films, probably only shorts to enter into competitions. Was lookin to spend around 1500 but wud go higher for the right camera

    Really need it to be true 16:9, and prefrebly have an XLR input or two.

    If you can give me any pointers or anywhere to look apart from ebay then please let me know

    Basically the three cameras i was looking were the Sony VX2100, Sony VX2000 and the Sony PDX10

    so if anyone has any advice or has used one of these and wishes to add something about them, please do so?

    looking around further i also found the Panasonic AG DVX102 and the AG DVC180

    but cant find much info on these, basically i am looking to start out filming some shorts, but dont want to waste a lot of money on the wrong thing

    please help if you can, look forward to the replys

    Newbie Neil

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    Both incarnations of the Sony VX feature no XLR input (although an adapter is available) and I'm not sure about True Widescreen mode either. Why don't you take a look at the new lower end HD series, like the Sony HVR-A1?

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    The pdx 10 has a proper widescreen function and xlr inputs, beachtek make xlr adaptors - .

    As mihai said I would also seroiusly considor hvd offerings around that price too, they still shoot in sd too.

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    isnt the Sony HVR-A1 a CMOS chip camera rather than a CCD?

    Is there much difference? and how much of a difference?

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    I think the a1 is a cmos. I think they have lower power consumption, not sure but for the user it makes no odds really.

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    so is the quality the same?

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