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Thread: Sony "DCR-TR7000E" Digital-8 Camcorder

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    Default Sony "DCR-TR7000E" Digital-8 Camcorder

    I recently found this camera in my house, i would like to try it out before getting more into expensive cameras and lenses. I have everything i need except for connection cables to my computer. I have usb ports on my computer, but every cable i find on the internet is for firewire, im guessing this is going to be a problem. The camera uses dv out if that matters, im guessing its about 5 years old or so. Any help will be much appreciated.

    thanks alot guys,
    Harry Bath, England

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    i heard this might work? will i need any extra software or will the camcorder just show up as an external hardrive?

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    If you don't already have a firewire port on your pc then that should be fine and the camera won't show up as an external drive. windows will just say it has recognised new hardware.

    From inside your editing app ( use windows movie maker if you don't have an editing app yet or install the one that comes with the firewire card)you will then be able to capture footage from the camera and get going.

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    ok kool, by capturing do you mean i cant use footage i have already recorded, i have to record while its plugged into the computer? because i already have some video on the camera tape i would like to use, can i just import it usuing windows movie maker?

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    No you can capture what is already on the tape. "Capturing" is the process where you transfer what you have recorded on the camera to your pc and yes you can do it very easily from wmm.

    WMM is fairly straight forward and you should have no problems getting the hang of it.

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    ok, thanks for the help man.

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    Does your computer have a Firewire port? Only use Firewire and not USB. If it doesn't have a Firewire port then you can buy a Firewire expansion card (around 20 pounds Sterling) that will fit into a spare PCI slot inside your computer. You will then need a connector cable with a four pin plug on one side and a six pin plug on the other to allow you to connect the camcorder to the computer. Windows Movie Maker is fine to get started on but it's output options are limited, Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0 is much better. What spec is your computer?

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    Hey, thanks for replys, my computer should be up to the job i think.

    1024mb Ram,

    256mb Graphics,

    180gb Harddrive,

    Amd Athlon XP 3200+.

    Is this ok?

    I have done previous movies in the past, but my video camera is limiting the videoing i can do due to its poor quality, i thiought i may aswell use what i have, rather then go out and buy a Mini dv camera straight away.

    If i bought a fish eye now, would i be able to put it on a new maera if i bought a Mini Dv camera?

    Also what are some good websites that sell fish eyes?


    Harry Bath

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    Default DCr Tr-7000e

    Hi Harry, How has your experience with your camera been? Are you thinking of uprgrading? If so what to?


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