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Thread: Exported stills wrong aspect ratio

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    Default Exported stills wrong aspect ratio

    Hi! I've just spent quite a long time picking and exporting frames from a completed timeline, as bitmaps. I'm using PE2 and I;ve done this succussfully before.

    This time however the aspect ratio is all wrong. The project is in widescreen, no problems, but it PE2 is squashing the exporte frames into what looks like 4:3.

    Any suggestions would be gratefully received. Many thanks.

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    In your image editing application, select resize image. Assuming you're using PAL, now resize unlokcing the aspect ratio and setting to 1.77778. Alternatively resize to 1024 x 576, again unlocking the aspect ratio.

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    Thanks Marc, this is a good work round. Any idea, though, why I'm having to do this when on previous occasions it's worked fine without having to edit the pictures afterwards?

    Thanks again!
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    This occurs because, although wiodescreen look bigger, there is still the exact same number of pixels involved. All widescreen is is that each of those individual pixels is not longer squaer and is wider than you are used to seeing. So export a frame and iopen it in a viewer or editor that is not 'aware' it is a widescreen image and it may well assume that the picture should be displayed with square pixels giving the 'squidged' effect you are seeing.

    Either stretch the image to the correct proportions or use a tool that can interpret the image correctly. Needless to say, Photoshop is excellent at this.

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