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Thread: Picture quality of final programme

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    Default Picture quality of final programme

    Hello again
    Second Part! When I've rendered through File>Export>Movie and the rendered programme is available to play back, the picture appears to be overexposed and nothing like the quality of the original captured clips. Is there a reason for this change? It has only recently started to happen I've edited loads of programmes successfully and wondered if I had inadvertently altered a setting somewhere along the line. Would be grateful for some response.

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    Is the video only 'overexposed' after you have rendered it or is it like that when you play it back on the timeline? Did you apply any filters or change the Levels in the Effects panel?

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    Default Picture quality of final programme.

    Thanks for the reply. The edited programme looks fine - apart from the usual judder - when viewing it on the monitor unrendered. as soon as it's rendered the rendered programme becomes overexposed. I've been playing around wit it and think I,ve found a way to cheat it by giving each edited clip a video effect, I used 'brightness' but applied no settings. The system asks for the effect to be rendered, red line, and I rendered it by choosing 'render work area' from the 'timeline' options. This renders the effects and therefore the programme which then plays perfectly.

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