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Thread: I hit a snag

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    Default I hit a snag

    Ok so I completed a video the other night and I rendered it out at like DVD MPEG or something and what happened was the the resolution got bigger right so a bigger frame size and all the shots looked good and still clear except for a couple ones where there was a obvious distortion it looked like there were black lines across the screen and it seemed to be the shots that were in kind of a forest area....any ideas as to what the problem is? Thanks Kyle

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    It sounds like you've some footage in widescreen and others in 4.3. I always render as AVI first before going to MPEG, give that a try.

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    I dont think thats it because it seems like it only does it when it his rnedered in a big file size like 6.7 HD or something and it hesitates and makes it fuzzy is there something Im not rendering right to the TV? Kyle

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    Do give you an idea of what Im talking about i have a short video clip, its kinda big but please look at it, I rendered it at MPG DVD NTSC....You cna see the black lines in the second shot....Kyle

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    I see 2 problems.
    First, you have some strange 'field' out of order thing but never quite seen it look like this. It almost looks like there are frames out of order and not just fields. Second, your black levels are too low and could cause sync tearing. Raise up the black level a little. or back off on the contrast, same thing.

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    So its from the color corrector?

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