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    Default DVD Playing Problem

    I have prepared a video using Vegas, rendered it and burnt to a DVD using DVD Architect. The DVD will play on my PC, and another DVD player but will not play on my own JVC DVD player. I have tried other DVDs and they all work fine, but everytime I try my video I get an error message after a few minutes. I have tried burning different manufacturer's DVDs but with the same result - error. I am quite at a loss especially as previous video that I have created in Vegas/DVD Architect have all worked fine. Has anyone got any ideas that might help me.
    Many thanks.

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    Hi AHH this gets me all the time!

    Even dvds from the same make dont work sometimes faulty dvds I would think.
    Too much sun,direct sun will kill.;=)

    Here are a few ideas:-

    1) Have you installed anything NEW since you last made your dvd which worked?
    if YES try uninstalling it and make a defrag.

    2) Make a spyware/virus scan on your system

    3) Good luck

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    Many thanks, will try and see what happens.

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    Have just tried both DVDs (I used two different makes) on a friend's DVD player and they both worked - suggests problem may be with my DVD player, but why does it play other DVDs?

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    As Marrs says, these problems are not unusual. Our local independant flepit does open night screenings - after a few real let downs with dvds i made not playing I always take along a tape now.

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