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Thread: external preview without hardware

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    Default external preview without hardware

    I'm using Premiere Pro 2.0 on my PC and it works perfectly without special hardware as some kind of matrox, blackmagic or something else. But i can't find the way to preview video (program monitor) on external monitor. It's possible to preview throught some kind of firewire connected DV device, but video on monitor is terribly lating. It's Geforce 6600 on my PC, maybe there is the way throught it? Any ideas how to preview on second monitor would be great.

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    prem used to do this without firewire but now its gone pro you cant (to my knowlage)
    i have to preview via a camera into a TV, it lags but if you set prem to put the audio with the footage via dv its in sync.

    this is a real pain in the arse........ and would be much nicer if you could still use the TV out on your gfx card to preview :(

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