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    I am new to video editing, although I am experienced in multi track audio recording using various Cakewalk and Acid apps. I have also made some decent projects with Windows Movie Maker, but my next ambition I think requires different software.

    Can someone recommend a program that I can use to edit a music video with?I would need something that I could use to beat sync the words to the music for the singing shots, and I'll need to do this with multiple shots.

    I was looking for something simple, maybe with a "nudge" command, which is how I sync a lot of audio up now, just matching beats by ear.

    So what is a basic inexpensive program that does this. Both Windows Movie Maker and the software that came with my capture device don't seem to allow this. They seem to allow syncing music to video, but not really video to music.

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    Most decent editors will do this for you. I use Vegas and find it easy, simple and extremely effective. It's not particularly cheap though.....

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    You could try Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0 (APE2) which will allow you to work on the video and audio tracks separately (you unlink them) and you will see the audio wave in graphical form. This will allow you to cut your pictures to your music, say on every fourth beat or at a noticable transition in the music. You will also get lots of effects and transitions, both for video and audio, a staple of any music video and when you're done you can burn out to DVD. The last time I looked it came in at around 60 to 65 pounds Sterling or around 95 Euros. Why not download a 30 day demo to get a feel for it?

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