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    I'm trying to add some effects to some footage from a nightclub that I shot a few days ago. Basically I'm trying to add a 3D spinning logo that I designed in Flash. I bought a copy of Flashants SWF2VIDEO Pro in the belief that the program would convert the .swf (flash file) into AVI so i can put it in the bottom left hand corner of my video.

    The problem is that I cannot remove the white background that is brought along from Flash. Flash has no "background=transparent" option, which I have found out today. I'm kinda hoping that Premiere Pro will be able to come to my rescue and have some kind of filter to remove the white back ground from the logo.

    I'm hoping that I can use the same options to be able to import more flash text animation.

    I know that Flashants have a plugin that you can install to import flash file directly, but I can't afford to buy that as $150 a program.

    If anybody can help me out here that would be fantastic!!


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    Use the premier keying tools to key out the white areas in your footage and make them transparent. Check the manual under keying.


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    can you not get at the colour mixer dialogue box for the background in Flash MX? I know there is no transparent option but if you can 'select' the background and then open the colour mixer (Window | Colour Mixer) youmioght be able to adjust the alpha value of the background.

    If not then I suggest (like the last post) that you adop the keying approach. Maybe changing the background colour fo you SWF file to something other than white (maybe normal blue or green screen) if it proves odd.

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    I managed to get my AVI's to have the transaprany look by using the Chrome Keying. BUT, I had to scrap the idea altogether because when the aniamtion on the AVI kicks in, the video footage underneath gets jittery. I think it may have something to do with frame rate. What is the frame rate of normal video, and I can us Flash at the same frame rate and hopefully it will solve the jitters.


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    25fps for PAL
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    I've changed the frame rate with my Flash files and exprted them as AVI. When i play back the video on my DVD player the video behind the flash animated text is very "Jittery" (shaky). However, when i play the same DVD through my PC there is no "jittering" at all!

    Anybody have any ideas why it should jitter on my DVD + TV set but not on my PC?

    Basically the process I carry out is the following :

    1. Make the text animation using Swish v2
    2. I then convert the .swf file into .avi using Flashants SWF2VIDEO.
    3. I then use Premiere Pro to import the converted AVI and the video footage i want to play behinfd the animation.
    4. I use the Chrome Keying to remove the .avi blue background (just then showing the text).
    5. I then export the movie as AVI.
    6. I then use Pinnacle Studio 9 to convert the AVI into a DVD compatable MPEG
    7. I then use Adobe Encore to make my DVD.


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    I've at last figured it all out.

    I missed the vital ingrediant. I had to juist click on the field options and click on "remove flicker". I now have wonderful rendered video complete with flying text and objects designed firstly in FLASH!!!!


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