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Thread: Advice Please - I'm new To Digital Video- Please Help

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    Default Advice Please - I'm new To Digital Video- Please Help

    I'm after advice on gear I need for Digital Video, I used to use 8mm system many years ago with sucess. I now want to get back into video & will mainly be filming wildlife, which is my main interest.

    I've decided on a Canon XL2 camcorder, but I'm having difficulty getting decent advice from shops (no specialist shops in my area), advice needed as follows:

    1 - Computer system - I've read previous threads on computer systems, I'm OK with Motherboard/Processor/RAM (I always build my own systems), what additional cards etc do I need for digital production?

    2 - Monitor - Is it best to go for 1x or 2x monitors? 13:9 or 4:3 format?

    3 - Software - Looking at Adobe Premiere Pro 2, is there any other software I need?

    4 - DV Tapes - Whats the best make etc to go for?

    5 - Once I've got the PC sorted & Camcorder, what else would I need?

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    1 - fastest you can afford, one system drive, seperate biggest you can afford for video. F wire input mandatory, gppd cpu cooling, any dx9 card, 1 gig ram.

    2 - 2 for sure, much nicer, doesnt really matter what format except wide is expensive. I have 4 19s in a square and I really do use all that space but that may be going a bit far !

    3 - Depends what you want to do.

    4 - All the same in my expirience, last for ages.

    5 - Patience determination and a nice comfy desk chair.
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