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    Hi there!

    Its been a while since my last posting, and unfortunately its the same old question again. I have done some video editing work, and the people who I did it for were very impressed and looks like I might get some regular work from them. However my major problem is that my PC is probably out of date. I had looked at upgrading a while back but put it off - now need to get something sorted. Here's my current spec:
    Motherboard - ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe
    HDD - Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 120GB 7200RPM 8MB cache.
    AMD Athlon XP 3200 processor

    Here's my lack of knowledge - I reckon that my motherboard is probably outdated as is processor. Does anyone have recommendations re motherboard/processor and anything else that you would advise. I reckon at least 2GB of RAM, and dual-core processor but my knowledge is you can tell....thank you! P.S. Any suggestions on getting a PC that runs quietly.....the fan on my one is driving me mad!

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    Core duos are the fastest at present it seems and that with 2 gig if ram and a seperate system drive and big drive for media should be fine.

    Cant really be more specific as I am not that teccy.

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