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    Here's a video that i did for church a while back...please watch and critique, thanks!

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    There was so much work that went into that but it looked like it was a lot of fun to make and fun to watch. I'm sure that you will get some technical advice from members with more experience that me but on the whole very well done, the actors were well type cast and played good parts and where did you get the police car? The only concern I had was "the pink panther theme tune???"
    But well done to everyone.
    One thing that did cross my mind watching that was why did the real Hazard boys weld up their doors, it makes a quick getaway so hard?

    Bi-Polar Films "R" me...

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    Thank you so much for replying. All that was improv'ed but I actually wrote a script and am looking to redo it. The new version will be much longer too. Thanks for the reply!

    Keep 'em coming!

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    The actor who played Roscoe is a real policeman and was off so we were able to get his car for the day!

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    Congrats on making a near 9 min short. I know it takes a lot of time to shoot and edit. However I am going to give my honest opinion. The camera work lets it down very badly. The hand held look can work, but in this case it was simply all over the place. The zooming in and out is a definite no no. It may have been better to use a tripod and save the handheld shots for the chase/action shots where it would work better. Also, many of the shots were not very well framed and the whitebalance was wrong on a number of shots. I would have spent more time rehearsing the camera movements with the action and think more carefully about what you want to show in the scenes.

    Edit: You also need to think about the lighting, even if just using the natural available lighting around you more effectively.
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    Yeah, i know my camera whitebalance is doesn't work that well. My little JVC is always changing it on me even when i have it set. I have a better camera now which is a lot better in the quality and in the everything else department. Thanks for the movie I will use a tripod!

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    anyone else?

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    You guys obviously put a lot of effort into this... why not do something completely original?

    Instead of doing a "spoof", like everybody else, why not write a completely original script with original characters?

    Spoof are easy. The internet is full of them. Original is much more difficult but much more impressive.
    Spend time on thinking, getting ideas, planning, writing and general preparation. It'll be worth it. The planning stage is the most important (unfortunately it's also the most work, if done right, which is why it often gets rushed) and if you get the planning right, the rest is easy.

    You've got the talent and energy, keep going lads! I look forward to seiing more from you.

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    Spoof are easy. The internet is full of them. Original is much more difficult but much more impressive.


    I wouldn't say that spoofs are easy, Badly done spoofs might be but when you think of the Airplane Movies (we must get to the cockpit, why what is it, it's the bit at the front where the pilots sit but lets not worry about that now)
    and Hot Shots etc.

    I would say, whatever you do make it the best you can, and then some.

    Bi-Polar Films "R" me...

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