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Thread: Digital Video Editing Techniques in Vegas 6

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    Default Digital Video Editing Techniques in Vegas 6

    Hi there,

    I'm a newby to all this video filming/editng fun and games, and really want to get stuck in and get my hands dirty with it.

    I have a Uni project on the go at the moment to analyse and critically evaluate a piece of video. Can anyone tell me what type of video editing techniques are used on the following 2 videos?


    I can identify Chroma Keying and a form of masking, but is there anything I've missed that is fundamental? Are there any resources online or books that I can read up on these techniques?

    Also, could a similar type of film be achieved using Vegas 6?

    Cheers all,


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    In the first Video there aint really much to it which is what makes it so good - simplicity. You are also right - it looks to be simply chroma keying and Masking, but clever masking. The second one - (Big up Mr. Ron Size) is much the same. There is nothing much more to them than that.

    As to resources - this is down to what you use to do them. Most Non Linear edit systems will have these features but they all work diffrently but with the same principal.

    If you are using lets say premier you can simply Google the term "masking in Premier" and you will get 100's of relevant hits

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    those are very good!

    yeah the techniques are pretty simple........ but to get them looking that good takes skill!
    the 1st vid is soooooo good and very insipring.

    they have more than likely been done in after effects, but could be done using premiere - cutting up the vid with the arms on the top using a green screen and chromakeyed out.

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    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the replies - its good to know I'm on the right track in my assignment.

    Happy editing,


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