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Thread: anyone know anything about asus laptops?

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    Default anyone know anything about asus laptops?

    if their motherboards are anything to go by then their laptops should be pretty decent too..

    found this baby on mesh computers site..

    anyone willing to comment?

    Might do a little video editing on it but will be sticking to my desktop for most of that

    AMD Athlon XP3000+
    1Gb RAM
    2x200GB Maxtor SATA Internal
    1x300GB Seagate SATA Internal
    256MB nVidia GeForce FX6600 AGP
    XP Pro
    Sony DCR-TR7000E

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    Take a look here,

    Mesh have been getting a bad name recently (the past few years)
    Dell do make good laptops and some of the acers are pretty good (budget one can be upgraded for a little wonga)

    Best laptops or toshiba, worst are sony
    Need Pro Computer advice?

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