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    hey everyone i need a little help making a title. I am putting the names of people on screen in the bottom corner of my video - similar to how a news broadcast would. I am using after effects and zaxwerks pro animator - what i want to do is have the letters protrude or appear to be pusing through a background - background is a basic rectangular shape. So basically you would have a basic shape and then from that shape the letters of the persons name would appear as part of the background shape would protrude in the z axis revealing the name/letters.
    Sorry if this is confusing its hard to describe
    If you got any suggestions please let me know. thanks
    much easier with a computer

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    Like this?:

    Of course you can make the basic flat shape that you want to make this work.


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    yes just like that - thanks for the link. much appreciated
    much easier with a computer

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    hey thanks for responding that is the effect im looking for.
    Unfortunately I dont have the Forge Freeform plug-in.
    Anyone got any ideas of another way to make a similar effect?
    much easier with a computer


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