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Thread: check out this site it's worth the minute it will take to read and comment...

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    Default check out this site it's worth the minute it will take to read and comment...

    Alright guys This IS my site and it's not a commercial site. everything on here is free so check it out. You can't have gifs for signatures on this forum I see but maybe you can use it for your myspace profile or other forums you use. or just use the [img]link[/img] code that I used below

    read this because
    the website that I am repping here is something you will enjoy using. is totally free and it turns your videos or pictures into animations without you having to download and install a program. the website does it all for you. just browse to your video or jpeg file and click upload. wait a few seconds and your animation will appear. then right click on the animation and select save as and then upload it to your myspace profile just like a regular profile pic

    You can also browse the over 4,000 gifs that other people have made, comment and even vote on them. Your own profile will save all of your animations for those of you who love making them and have too many to keep them all on myspace.

    Also if you like to post on forums you can add your animation into your signature at any forum that allows you to use the [img][/img] code
    Check out the site and enjoy!

    Here are some of the top animated gifs right now.

    There are thousands more to browse and vote on.

    The reason I made this site is cause I found it way to involved to download a trail version of a program, install it and then learn how to use it to make a animated gif. I figured there really oughta be a site that can do it all for you. So I made one

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    Too many ads, just looks spammy and puts me off.

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    You have some strange dithering that produces a dot pattern. It doesn't have to look like that. Oh, and, TOO MANY ADDS!

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    Default well I'll adress both.

    yeah I understand it doesn't have to look like that. I could make it so it creates full page perfect resolution gifs but you wouldn't be able to get 1 frame on myspace or forums due to the size........... 600mb is the biggest most places take so you need to lower the res down a bit so you can get 4 seconds of video.

    Secondly it is a free website so advertisement is the only way I'm gonna be able to pay for the hosting fees and land line.

    Apparently you guys didn't like the idea?

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