All your help would be greatly appreciated here. It was my sisters wedding where as the videographer really screwed things up. She is tired of dealing with him and has just given up as the DVD videos he has provided just don't work. We tried both the DVD discs and VHS tapes in 6 differnet systems and all VHS tapes did not work and 7 out of the 8 DVD discs did not work. All but one DVD original worked in all PC and DVD systems. I was able to rip the dvd video from the only DVD wedding movie that workded onto my pc and it saved as a .vob file. Unfortunatley it won't open in my studio 8 program for editing unless it's in mpeg format. I used TMPGenc and took the .vob file and converted it to a mpeg so that I might be able to edit it there and then burn it back to dvd format. Unfortunately when I convereted it in TMPGenc there was no sound (frustrating) .
I have a dvd video ready for ripping. I have a pioneer dvd r/rw cd-r/rw 103a. A 2.2 Ghz intel pentium processor with 160gigs of hdd and 1024 ddr, I also have an all in wonder radeon 9800 pro video card with ati software and have studio 8 as eding software, I already have TMPGecn 2.5 with TMPGenc authoring 1.5. I want to rip the dvd wedding movie, edit it and merge pictures with music at the end of the video and burn it back to dvd format. Money is not a big issue or time. Just let me know what programs I need to buy and the how to and I will be greatfull and you'll make a bride happy.
Thank you in Advanced :!: