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Thread: Eating Crow (Not bad with the right sauce - smile)

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    Default Eating Crow (Not bad with the right sauce - smile)

    I wish to take this opportunity to repent as a DivX video format advocate and tell everyone why.

    First, after completing my 25 minute "Puss N Boots - NOT!" I thought the DivX Stage6 site would be a good place to upload it for full file length viewing. I was wrong. When I ran the color corrected version through the DivX converter I seriously noted, for the first time, what Mark (or someone) mentioned about "artifacts" looked awful. So, I loaded up a non-corrected version to Stage6. Looked better, but many of the visitors I directed there to see the film complained of not being able to get the file, or other problems. And the fact that people had to download the DivX viewer discouraged others.

    At that point I looked for another site and found which required that I use their upload engine and encode the video in Windows Video 9 format at 2000 kbs CBR and Audio in 9.1 at 64 kbs CBR. I had no idea what that was about, so I researched wmv9 and found a free encode engine and, after stumbling around and experimenting, I found that I really did like the quality I could get from it. So, I apologize for bad mouthing something I did really know much about. I thought that wmv was just Windows Movie Maker... Now I know better.

    Unfortunately,'s upload engine didn't function as advertised, so that too was a learning experience. At least I learned quite a bit about wmv9 in the process. I think I will be using wmv9 and mpeg from now on.

    In the end I uploaded the movie in two parts in mp4 to ifilm. Those that would like to view it can find it at these URLs:

    Part 1:
    Part 2:

    The quality of the files is somewhat degraded, but certainly watchable. In the unlikely event that someone actually likes the movie and would like a DVD quality mpeg file, let me know. - smile.

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    We all have to eat crow one time or another. Very mature to admit it. Thanx! Rock on!

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