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    Have stumbled across this forum and hope someone may be able to help me. After trawling around the internet i have pretty much settled on a Sony DCR-HC35.
    I'm a complete novice and only want it for home movies of my 10 month old son and family stuff.
    I want a good quality picture, to be able to edit on my computer and reasonably simple to use.
    Does anyone have any knowledge of this camera - is it any good and can anyone suggest anything else.


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    Hi Boo

    I am a newbie.

    I have brought a Sony DCR-HC35 a few weeks ago and I must say that I am very pleased with it. I got it in a sale for 219 here in the UK.

    I have'nt found too much reviews on this cam , I think its new. I made the mistake a few months ago of buying the JVC GR -D340, don't get me wrong in outside natural daylight the JVC is beautiful , great colour and sharp images and for 179 I thought it was a decent price.

    I read about it in Digital Video magazine they gave it editors choice in the Best Budget Cams section, the other good think about the JVC GR-D340 is the battery life which is over one hour and a half.

    The only problem is when recording indoors , the focus is'nt brillant and when I transfer through a firewire through my I link on my DVD recorder I noticed the colour slowly changes . Its starts of good then about half hour later the colours go kind of blue tinge. (It may be that i brought a faulty cam)

    The sony DCR HC-35 is much much better the colours are more natural and they don't change plus the focus is a lot better , in Easy Mode its great to.

    Its also fairly decent in low light and indoors I was well pleased.

    The battery life is fairly decent but you will need to buy another one for back up.

    Let me know how you are getting on

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    The Sony DCR-HC35 is a good starterscam which will not dissapoint you. One great feature it has the dv-in and out meaning beside capturing your film through firewire to you pc you can send a completely edited film from your pc back to the camera's minidv tape for back up.

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    Hi Noa
    Its good to meet you.
    Thanks for that as I am fairly new to Camrecorders myself I have never used the editing to computor features , I do want to learn . I have a freind who may be able to help me.

    At present I use a firewire linked to my Sony DVD Recorder called, I Link.

    Which works great.

    I use to get Which Camrecorder Magazine which is now incorparated with Digital Video magazine , though I have'nt read a proper review on the HC-35 yet , I did read an old review of the Sony DCR HC19 which the editor gave a real thunbs up too saying it was a quality cam , i don't think they do the HC19's now.

    Over a year ago i use to have another mini DV camrecorder and that was a Canon MV 830 and this one was terrible in low light . Lots of grain, plus when focusing indoors it tends to hunt before properly focusing on a subject.


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