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    I was wondering something. I want to make a video I recorded look sort of like an animation, or like it was drawn. Like these pictures:

    I took these screenshots from a video I was watching and in it they made the original film look sort of animated. So, does anybody know how I would go about doing this? lol

    Like what programs and stuff. The only easy program that I know does something like this is Studio Artist from and they only have a mac version.

    thanx for any help! I really appreciate it

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    An effect found in many video editors called median can create the large areas of colour and create something a bit like that look, the nmaybe mix in a track that highlights the edges, again edge detect is found in many editors.

    This is no trivial task. I think i read somewhere that there is a tutorial on the net on how to do this effect.

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    I'll look into that. I also have been looking for tutorials, but haven't had any luck finding one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tropez View Post
    I'll look into that. I also have been looking for tutorials, but haven't had any luck finding one.
    I know exactly how to do this exact effect. I learnt it from a series of online tutorials that are freely available. The tutorials assume you have Adobe Production Studio to do it though. Although Production Studio will save a lot of time because of all the automation available between apps, you could do things a little more manually and use Adobe After Effects and Adobe Illustratror. The key effect is performed frame by frame in Illustrator CS2 (very specifically version CS2 as it's a new feature in that version). It needs multiple passes of the same frame extract in Illustrator with different settigns and then some careful compoting in AE to overlay the resulting line drawings with the 'coloured in' versions to get the exact effect you saw.

    The problem is though, that if I tell you the location of the tutorials I will continue to take friendly stick from some of the other members here so I'll leave it to someone else to say the magic words....


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