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    What would be the best program to creat a solid DVD complete with quality menus and such and what would be the best format to render a video out in for DVD? Thanks Kyle

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    I'm afraid you're bording on religion with questions like "which is the best". I use Adobe Encore and personally find it great. I've spoken to those that like Adobe and those that hate it.

    Encore is happy to accept AVI format as well as MPEG2 which is, after all, basically what DVD productions ultimately are. I have my own preferences, others will have different and we've often lamented on those differences of opinion here in the forums if you want to search.

    But back to s/w. Well, depending on what edittign s/w you have you may already have all that you need. For example you can buy s/w for around the 50 (UKP) mark that will edit your movies and allow you to build DVDs with menus as well. Often labelled as 'low end' they will likely do all that 90% of poeple will ever want to achieve. So called 'high end' DVD building s/w can and will cost hundreds.

    So, best for you is to decide exactly what you want it to do for you and what your budget is.

    The good news though, is that it is not a case of stabing a list with a pin. A lot of DVD authoring packages will alolow you to try before you buy in the form of a 30 day demo or equivalent offer. So I suggest you try a few out and see what you like.

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    When rendering in MPEG-2 what is the best format for TV like DVD NTSC or ive tried HDV1080i since I have a high def camera?

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    As Alan says, the 'best' is subjective at best!

    With regards to the 'best' format for producing DVDs for playback on TV, there's only one way: author a DVD compliant DVD using a DVD authoring application. You're MPEG must be meet certain criteria, which will all be handled by the software.

    You seem to be mixing a lot of video editing terms. NTSC is the video standard used in the States and, for example, has a frame rate of 29.97 at a resolution of 720 x 480. HDV is the recording format used in (pro)-consumer High Definition cameras. In order to playback on a standard definition TV within a DVD player, you will need to convert your HDV footage to DVD compliant MPEG at a standard resolution.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 459Productions View Post
    When rendering in MPEG-2 what is the best format for TV like DVD NTSC or ive tried HDV1080i since I have a high def camera?
    What are you using to edit hi def and does it offer dvd creation?

    Encore is great and gives you most features, but costs money. Also to use all the features you have to create all the assets like transitions and menus, so requires extra work, sometimes more than video editing itself.

    Another good DVD app is DVDlab now at ver 2 and includes many pro features, but the same applies, you have to produce the assets.

    also look at tmpgenc DVD author, this offers less features but still gives enough to produce good looking DVDs.

    As marc pointed out DVD is standard def so requires the video to be DVD MPEG2 compliant. If you have a Media center PC with hi def TV or monitor then output to .wmv hi def and play from the HDD.
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