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    Default Bit of a tricky one here...

    Ok so I'm going to be working from home on a few video projects over the next year but for the first time im moving away from DV and going to be dealing mainly with hdv and digibeta. Thing is i now have money to build the perfect system which will handle both. I understand i will need a card to capture digibeta such as a blackmagic but id really like to know what specs of the PC (not mac) im going to need. I have around 1500 for the PC itself...any sugestions?

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    Well, all i konw about digibeta is that it poops all over dv, however I assume the same rules apply, get the fastest you can afford, core duo appear top of the league at present and lots of hard drive space.

    As for software, if you are going to do the editing on the actual digi beta footage rather than on an offline version make sure the editor you get will handle the data.

    Personally I would do it all in the pc as all that extra fuss with editing decision lists and toing and froing just ssems to mean extra equipment / cost / time - but as I said I am no expert here and am unlikely to become one given the price of digibeta cameras.

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    yeh digibeta is a hugeeeeeeee difference as far as ive seen, just got to make sure my sony vegas can handle it and also a system fast enough

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