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    Question Filming Karting - Help!

    Hi Guys,

    My wife made a video of me karting the other week but often the karts are looking blurred due to the speed. How do I change to settings/shutter speed to reduce this? using Sony PDx10 with no manual!

    Any help would be really appreciated as we are going again tomorrow!



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    My immediate thought would be that they should not look blurred despite how fast they're travelling! Do you have any footage you can upload?

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    Was the footage shot using the camera handheld and with the autofocus swithched on? As Mark says, it shouldn't be blurred if you pan fast enough as the kart goes past. If the footage is more shaky than actually blurred then put the camera on a tripod, but having said that it can take a lot of practice to get a pan looking right with a tripod following a fast moving vehicle. Try to keep the front of the kart in shot with some space in front of it to move into, rather than worrying about trying to get all of the kart into shot.

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    Dont know the camera but if it has 'ae' settings, select sport, this favours the highest shutter speed possible for the lighting conditions.

    As suggested auto focus may be the problem, turn it off and focus manually, I am sure the pdx10 has a focus ring.

    Ideally turn all the auto functions off and set shutter speed high. All these changes will make things look less motion blurred but you really do want some motion blur to give an impression of speed.

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