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    Yes, mine. I still have till October and am looking for some advise(everyone is yelling don't do it..hehe). We're planning on having a Professional Photographer and also video. With the video we have several thoughts; 1.) just get the raw footage and then we can edit it the way we like after the wedding. Also rather than spending a great deal of money on a professional videographer, hirring a senior student from a Video/film school. The wedding is on Long Island, NY, so we'd have access to New York City Schools. What has people experiences been with this type of arrangement.

    I just completed a stills to music project, with transitions, effect etc, that came out really good and I enjoyed the process. However, I've never done a real time video editing project. What format should I insist/ask/hope they use. What type of card do I need on my PC. I currently have a Atholon 2800+ system with DVD burner. NO capture card.

    Thanks for your help,

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    The *ideal* scenario would be to ask for all the raw footage on miniDV tapes. This is most likely to be the format used in recording the footage and will maximise video quality, and make video editing much easier. In order to transfer this footage to your PC for editing, you'll need a DV camcorder (if you don't have one, you could borrow or even rent one solely for capturing the footage). You'll also need a Firewire cable and a Firewire (aka "ilink") port on your PC. You Pc sound pretty uptodate, so chances are you'll already have a port, but you can fit one eaily .

    You'll also need video editing software (der!) to actually do the editing and to capture your footage.
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