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    Default Simple Video Cutting

    I have an .mpg video that is 22.5 megs and is 4 minutes and 40 seconds long.

    I simply want to cut from 0 to 3 minutes and 5 seconds......and keep the rest.

    Ive downloaded like 5 video editor programs but they all save to .avi, I just want to cut this .mpg and keep it as an .mpg

    Ive used other programs to save the clip that I want and .avi ends up to 625 megs for a 1 minute 25 second clip.

    Is there any program that can simply CUT the .mpg video? I dont want to encode to this or that, I just want to cut it.

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    Nanopeg Editor and MPEG-VCR will do this.
    I think MPEG-VCR is better than Nanopeg, fwiw.
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    Is there any free ones? Or even better, open source that youve used?

    MPEG-VCR doesnt work at all, it loads up and tells me there is 16 editors something and freezes......loaded up the prog again and it does the same thing
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    Due to MPEG licencing restrictions, it is unlikely that you will find a free application. The old freeware version of TMPGenc ( will enable you to output to MPEG, but this will re-encode th MPEG resulting in a loss of quality. Additionally, you will have to know quite a bit about compressing MPEG to small sizes in order to maintain that small file size.

    You could purchase videoredo that will cut without re-encoding, but I would recommend you download VirtualDubMod and use this to cut and output to compressed MPEG4 Xvid. There are many turorials on the internet for this process.

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