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    Ok so I recently bought a Sony HDR-FX1 and it looks amazing on the camera and on TV and even when I transfer it to my computer. The problem is when I begin to edit it in Vegas and then I render it out as 512 it becomes really blurry, any clus as to why?

    An example of what im talking about can be found here


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    Well, at the rendered size, (320 x 240) I think it looks great. Are you sure you're not viewing at 200%? At that size, it does start to blur a bit, but I guess it would.

    (Really well shot, by the way)

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    Have to agree with Turn Media. It's actually good quality considering the low bitrate. Additionally, you've encoded with a 4:3 aspect ratio whilst the video itself was shot in widescreen? You can output WMV with a widescreen pixel aspect ration and this *may* help maintain quality.

    Also a rather good video you've made there

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    Thanks guys! So how would I change the pixel aspect ratio to a widescreen one? Does the quality look good on your end? Kyle

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    Looked fine to me for the bit rate, if you want it look better try a higher bit rate. 1 mbit variable at dv res looks much better.
    It played wide screen for me.

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