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    Question Animation in Vegas

    I'd like to try my hand at a bit of stop-frame animation using vegas, but I'm not sure how the best way to edit it is. Ideally I'd like to set my frame rate (15 shots per second but may change) ad then just copy all pictures into the timeline.

    I'd also like to apply some video effects, but I'm not sure how the best way to do this is, bearing in mind that I want to add them over a period of a few seconds, and thus affecting many shots. I assume that if each shot is an event, then a video track effect would be the way to go. How best to set the framerate though? Thanks

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    Open Vegas, Click on 'Options / Preferences / Editing, there you will see 'New still image length' adjust this down so when you add the stills they will all be the length i.e 25 stills per second. As for adding effects, render the project first to 'uncompressed AVi' then add you effects to the new video.

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