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Thread: Canon MV960 Camcorder Digital Movie Camera/

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    Default Canon MV960 Camcorder Digital Movie Camera/

    I'm 74 and wish to make some DVD's
    Has anyone experience of the above camera
    and some thoughts about it please

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    I don't have this cam but have used similar small canons. They are a DV camera that records to a tape using DV-AVI compression, this runs at 25mega bits /second, and gives good quality recording to the tape.

    What it can't do is improve what the camera captures and in my experience with these cheaper canons they give very good video results outdoors or in good lighting , but do suffer from video noise and lack of detail when used indoors or in bad light.(most cams struggle with poor light)

    check that the tape loads from the top, because if you are to use a monopod or tripod to steady the camera, it may have to be dismounted to change the tape.

    DV-AVI is very easy to edit on a PC, the best transfer method is using a firewire connection( also called ieee1394 and i link) if you have windows XP then win movie maker will work just fine for editing it and is free, but it won't burn the dvd disc for you.

    when you have edited your video the completed file will need to be converted to DVD-MPEG2 and burnt to a dvd disc. Most of the cheaper video editing software apps will do all this for you and burn the disc if you have a DVD writer installed.

    My appologies if I have gone over things you already know.

    IMO it would not be a bad purchase, but also look at the panasonic 3CCD nv gs180, it is only a little bit more money and uses 3ccds instead of 1 to capture the video, it also offers an external charger unit so if you get a second battery you will be able to use the cam while charging the spare.(I believe the canon charges whilst in the cam)

    The panasonic will only have video out for capture to the PC whilst the canon has video in and out but this would only be a problem if you want to record your video back to the camera tape from the PC.
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