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    My name is Ivan and I work for humanitarina oraganization "child's heart" for helping children with dissabilities, from Belgrade, Serbia and Montengero.
    I am not a proffesional in this field.
    recently we have purchased a digital video camera, and we have over 10 hours of material from which we made few short movies.
    my problem is that I don't know how to add crdeits to our little project\
    we want to have few sentences before our movie starts and few after.
    all I can do is to add a title from adobe premier which is not what we really want.
    please help us

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    Default Maybe we can help?

    Hi Marc,

    Just a quick note to thanks for the help along the way.

    Whilst persusing the user videos I noticed an email 'Need urgent Help'. Posted by Ivan containing "I work for humanitarina oraganization child's heart" and it got me thinking.

    I know you are running a competition at the moment. Is there an opportunity here to crack two eggs with one video?

    Perhaps set up another comp for readers to help Ivan put together his video.
    Would give readers opportunity to get involved in a live task, real purpose etc. and a very worthy cause possibly. Would require that the raw footage is released by Ivan but would be interesting to see how different people utilise to the end product?

    I really hope you do not interpret this email as meddlesome or toe stepping.....just a thought.

    Keep up the great work.

    Kindest regards,

    AMD athlon 2000, Deskstar 80gb, Spinpoint 160gb, 1gb mem, Radion 9000, Pioneer A107 8x +/- drd rw, XP, Premier Pro

    Handycam: Sony DCR-TRV14E. Firewire

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