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Thread: Premiere 7.0 "merge/virtual clip" problems

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    Default Premiere 7.0 "merge/virtual clip" problems

    Hey, I've been searching the web and posted different forums about how to create virtual clips in premiere 7.0. For all what I can understand they have removed the Block Select tool in this new version and replaced it with something different. I want to know what they have replaced it with. Because now I'm applying the effect on all my 50 clips instead of just making a virtual clip and just applying the effect once.
    If somebody knows what I should do, please reply because I'm getting a bit frustrated with this problem.

    I found a page where it stated: "Another plus you'll notice right away is Premiere 7.0 Pro's newfound ability to handle multiple timelines -- now called sequences -- and the ability to apply an effect to an entire sequence. No more futzing with those old Virtual Clips from Premiere's non-Pro past. "...... but I still cant figure it out... so... help me .. please

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    Premier pro does things different here, from memory-
    What you do now is right click in the project window, new - sequence.
    This will be sequence two, you will see it as a tab behind your current sequence and in the project window.
    Click on the new sequence tab in the timeline or project window so it gains focus, now drag sequence one from the project window onto the timeline (sequence two). Your sequence now looks like one clip and you can apply effects to the whole thing.
    You can nest your sequences again and again in this manner.


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    sounds like it's just a change in terminology then. as wellas different mouse clicks of course.

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