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Thread: 2 important Need to Knows

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    Question 2 important Need to Knows

    Hi guys to important questions for you-

    1. With virtual dub, do i just open the file i want to convert(import it) then immediately go to
    'Save As' saving it as an AVI file, and then it should convert the Vob to Avi?
    or is their a step I'm missing

    2. Due to the fact I can't save any of my work (because i can't convert it back for editing)
    Does anyone know how to save it straight back to the video camcorder it's original come off?

    another words back to the tape?

    I think from what I've read, this is something to do with 'On Line' video editing.

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    Oops, just read another post and the answer to my no.2 question was solved!
    I'll give it a go

    And also have finally found a converting program that Adobe allows me to import the files once converted from this software,
    cost $40 Au but was well well well worth it!
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