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    Default Video Capture Card

    as it is now the specs for my pc are this

    Athlon 64 3200+
    512MB DDR
    120GB HDD
    256MB Geforce FX 5900

    but I'm missing the video capture card now I'm using the video input from my other pc the I use a geforce2 MX400 with VIVO, now the only prob is that the HD is limited to 13GB I'm recording trough the other pc and then transfering it to my Athlon 64, and it is quite annoying.

    I'm gonna get the new nvidia card in few weeks for the Athlon 64 computer, should I get that card with vivo or should I get a video capture card separate?? which is better quality??

    and also what is the best ammount of ram I can use??


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    If by "new nvidia card" you mean the 6800, make sure you have a hefty power supply. The card requires TWO molex power connectors and if you're running a PSU of less than 480W, the system will be very unstable.'

    You should get a separate, hardware capture card. Make sure that the one you get is hardware and not software-based. If it is a software capture card, it will use the system's CPU to capture and you will get less quality because the video has to travel over the PCI bus to the CPU. If it is a hardware card, however, there is a little chip on the board that does the capturing instead of the CPU. This is better because you get better quality. I recommend a card from Hauppauge.

    About your RAM, you would do well to double it to 1GB. With more RAM, you will have less dropped frames in video capture and video rendering will go faster.

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    ya that's cool about the 6800 I know I need big PSU I have a 550W

    I'll upgrade the ram and what capture card would you suggest??

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    Most TV Tuner cards have analog video capture. If you've got cable internet, you can get a cable splitter to plug one cable into your modem and the other into a TV card. That way, you can capture analog video & view and capture TV programs. TV tuner cards tend to be more expensive, though. Hauppauge makes good TV Tuner/Analog Video cards.

    Hauppauge's cards:

    If you just want a capture card, you can choose something like the Prolink X-Capture that has just an S-Video and RCA-video jack on it for $20-40. If you use one of these, you also need to plug in a 1/8" to RCA audio adapter in your Line-In jack and set your capture software accordingly.

    Prolink's X-Capture:

    Example of a 1/8" to RCA audio adapter:

    Again, whatever you buy, make sure it has hardware capture.

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