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    Default Video Trailer for a Comp

    check out a latest video for a trailer/advert

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    im not sure i fully undestood..... clearly there were many subtle refences to racisum and a hint of making light humour out of 'the mentally retarded' pyrotechnics?! lighter and deoderant - best way to set your dog on fire!

    well lets face it.... it looked like it was filmed on your phone and you should never let captain parkinsons use the camera - motion sickness while sat at my PC is never good!
    as far as the trailer goes, i would never want to the the full video - it was long and boring, plus LORDI! man leave them to eurovision!

    as you can see i loved it.........................

    i think if you guys put your mind to it and thought about what you were doing you could make some good stuff, you just need to tighten everything up and have a steady hand when filming.

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