I have iMovie HD 6.03. According to all my googling and the Apple help guide, it can capture Widescreen, but only widescreen HDV. Also, it allows you to stretch a movie to 16:9 proportions from 4:3 and vice versa, it basically fits the footage you capture according to the size of your window (which you define when you create your new project) allowing you to capture HD widescreen.

PROBLEM:I only have a lowly mini DV tape, on which I filmed 50mins worth of 16:9 footage. I have turned Automatic Letterboxing & Windowboxing off, yet iMovie still captures only in 4:3. It refuses to stretch the film. I've tinkered with it now a lot. I am stuck with a squashed film.

However there must be a way of getting this footage onto my Mac, either immediately as widescreen footage or to stretch it from 4:3 to 16:9 as it was meant to be.

EQUIPMENT: I'm using a Canon XL1S, with a standard mini DV tape. I filmed using the Widescreen setting.

Please let me know if there's some way making it all work properly without having to resort to buying Final Cut Pro. I'm happy to download any opensource/freeware software that you can recommend if it would help.

Thanks for any advice
from little robot