I want to build my own menu. with scene selection bottons that fit what I'm creating. do I need to buy MORE software to get the results that I'm wanting, is there any "freeware" that would work?
I'm currently useing intervideo win DVD creator 2. though I am new to this and seem to running in the dark, I dont think that I'm looking over the obvious.

OK...its been a few days and several people have read this post but no one is leaveing any feed back.
I probly havent writen my queston well so let me add this...

in all the software i've used there are templates and ready made " chapter markers".
I'd like to design my own but don't know how or if I need any additional software to make this possible.
Any suggestions?

talked to the creators of windvd ... they say its not possible to "add" or "make your own" templates or menu select buttons( chapter markers).
I know this is bogus information

Done to much programing of my own to belive that we are completly at there mercy as to how much creativity we get to use.
please let me know if you find anything out
( this post HAS been up for a long time without response...not do to lack of interest)