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Thread: Problem with AVI playback

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    Default Problem with AVI playback

    Hey Everybody

    I've just started using the software Liquid Edition 5. The softwares sample clips and clips captured from my camera play and edit fine. But when I try to import other AVI files, which play fine in Windows Media Player etc there is no picture, I get this big fat exclamation mark on the playback window and the audio is fine but no picture.

    I've tried the limited suggestions in the help files but still no good.

    Can anyone help! Any pointers or suggestions greatly appreciated

    Jason Armstrong

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    I've never used liquid edition, but my first port of call would be to google and download the Klite codec pack, once downloaded, install and this should do the trick.

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    Hey Yeebsy

    Thanks so much. Works just fine now.

    Absolutly brilliant.


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